Clear Commerce Isn’t Your Typical Ecommerce Agency.

Here's a bit of our story...

About us

We are a collection of Shopify experts. From a range of disciplines and diverse backgrounds, we pool our resources to bring pinpointed focuses to the needs of our partners.

With experience ranging from large global site builds to hyper-local solutions we know fundamentally what Shopify is best for. Merchants that need simple solutions to sell and grow online. Clear?

Our process

We have baked radical transparency into everything we do.

You will have clear oversight into each of our projects. Every task and every step of the way.

We have created a system that is built on honesty and trust. You can expect the truth from us, even when it hurts. This allows us to move fast and kick-ass without the noise and distractions that come with big agencies.

Our founder

Founded by Sebastian, a leading Shopify expert in New Zealand. Passionate about technology and start-ups, he launched his first eCommerce business many moons ago while at University. After a stint working at a leading global eCommerce agency he believed there was real opportunity in ditching the corporate clients and focusing on building partnerships with SME businesses that didn't have the budget or need for big agencies.


We're sick of talking about us. 
We want to hear from you.

Our team is with you every step of the way.

Dream team

All focused on building real relationships that drive success for all our partners. Expect uncompromising transparency.

Always available

With almost global timezone support, We can be reached at a moments notice.


Not just the technical nuts & bolts here. But deep industry experience and knowledge that we openly share.

Shopify through and through.

Let's make some magic happen!

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